Thursday, December 30, 2010

Poll Results

About 2 weeks ago (A week and 5 days to be precise), I did 2 polls on Berryz and C-ute, the 2 polls were titled "Who are the best singers from Berryz Koubou?" and "Who are the best singers from C-ute?", here are the results to each poll:

(Berryz Koubou first)

Who are the best singers from Berryz Koubou?

Momoko Tsugunaga - 70 Votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki - 69 Votes
Risako Sugaya - 23 Votes
Maasa Sudou - 16 votes
Yurina Kumai - 14 Votes
Saki Shimizu - 13 votes
Chinami Tokunaga - 4 Votes

Total Votes: 209

Winner of the poll: Momoko Tsugunaga (She won by 1 vote)

My thoughts about the poll results:

There's a BIG gap between NatsuMomoCHU and the rest... Like... a 46 vote gap (Damn...)... O.O
LOL. Now I understand why my friend was so emotional about this poll (and doesn't like it much it seems)... his favorite member, Captain, is in the bottom 2 (and has been since the poll started..).... xD

I was taken by surprise at Maasa's position and votes... She was doing well in my poll from the very beginning... If I remember correctly, it was Maasa who was 3rd for a while (Risako only overtook her during the last 2 days or something xD), poor Yurina, was 3rd (for a day) at first, but slipped down to 5th (5th is a pretty good place! xD), well, I hear some people don't like her voice very much anyways (So, I guess that contributed to her position xD) ... XD
Risako... I actually expected her to finish in 3rd place.... I'm not surprised or anything... Same goes for Chinami!! xD

So (summing it up), it seems everyone thinks the best singers are Momoko, Miyabi, & Risako.... THE LEAD SINGERS OF THE GROUP (Ironic isn't it?)!! XD
Everyone would prefer Maasa as the 4th lead singer of Berryz over Yurina, huh? XD

(Onto C-ute's Poll Results Now)

Airi Suzuki: 69 Votes
Chisato Okai: 59 Votes
Maimi Yajima: 39 Votes
Mai Hagwara: 25 Votes
Saki Nakajima: 23 Votes

Total Votes: 215

Winner of the Poll: Airi Suzuki

My thoughts on the poll results:

I find it weird that Chisato wins in my vocal battle poll between her and Airi, but loses (by 10 votes... That's quite a bit) in this one... I wonder... Was Chisato just having one of those days?? Or did the fans change their minds.. Already?? Well... Whatever it is... I find it strange, and amusing at the same time.. People can't choose, I guess... XD
Airi's place and number of votes is no surprise to me though... It's expected, since she's popular, and vocally well praised ^^

Maimi Yajima
actually had the most votes on the first day... Seriously, she did (It was so surprising), now she's well... there's a bit of a gap between her and Chisato (20 vote gap)... she still did very well in this poll though!! xD

Nakky was ahead of Mai yesterday (actually if I would have closed my poll yesterday like I intended to, instead of today... Nakky would have been 4th, and Mai 5th)... but yeah... When I decided to leave my poll open an extra day (because I wanted to break the 200 vote mark.. I had never done it before, and well... I'd be nice to break that mark! xD), Mai gained more votes... xD
(Nakky fans don't be mad at me for leaving the poll open an extra day! xD)

So, it seems everyone thinks the best singers from C-ute are Airi, Chisato, & Maimi.... AIRI AND MAIMI ARE THE LEAD SINGERS OF C-UTE, AND CHISATO IS A LEAD SINGER IN THE MAKING!!! (Again, I ask does anyone find that ironic? xD)

Something I noticed about both polls:

C-ute's votes on their poll are more evenly distributed between each member than Berryz's... XD

Berryz's 3rd most voted member, Risako Sugaya, has the same amount of votes as C-ute's least most voted member, Saki Nakajima (Does anyone find that.... I know don't know... Weird?? xD), Mai Hagiwara (C-ute's 2nd least most voted member) has more votes than ALL the members of Berryz (excluding Momoko and Miyabi of course). XD

The poll results are quite interesting... What do you guys think of them?? XD


  1. For BK - lol I've always thought that Yurina was one of the best singers in BK (though that's just my opinion, other people might disagree with me lol)
    I've always thought many people hated Rii's voice and that she can't hit those high notes and look! she's 3rd place in the poll lol
    For Chinami, I've always thought she was the least best singer so yeah... lol

    For C-ute - there's no surprise about this one xD
    Airi's considered as the best singer in C-ute
    and seems like Chisa is getting better and better in singing (and since she gets more promotion now, more people finds out about her voice) looks like Maimi went to 3rd XD
    and having Nakky as last is no surprise for me since she's considered as the least best singer in C-ute

    and blah blah blah lol

  2. ^
    LOL. I thought Yurina was one of the best singers too, but that's just my opinion... I guess.. xD

    Yeah.... Risako hasn't been getting bashed for her vocals nearly as much as she used to lately.. Most people think she has improved now (Of course we still have her haters bashing her vocals here and there... even when she sings well).... XD

    LOL. I like writing a lot. :P

  3. why is massa number 4! People are on crack!

  4. Oh, i always wait your results ^^

    I voted Risako.....but i don´t remember why xD, i just know that Miyabi and Momoko are the best in Berryz, the 3rd.....i don´t know

    And yes, Chisato is sometimes 1st or sometimes 2nd xD...that rivalry will be a endless fight....FOREVER xD.....between them there isn´t an obvious winner imo

    I´m sure some Chissa fans are still with their heads on the keyboard for all the news we have about Chissa...that´s why they weren´t coming to vote xDD

  5. "C-ute's votes on their poll are more evenly distributed between each member than Berryz's... XD"
    maybe because in berryz there was alot risako and less the others (i know it's nonsense )
    and (no offend) their concerts is quite boring and
    dont have massive energy like (i guess thats why they r equally loved).

    "Berryz's 3rd most voted member, Risako Sugaya, has the same amount of votes as C-ute's least most voted member, Saki Nakajima (Does anyone find that.... I know don't know... Weird?? xD)"
    risako is in the shadow now(cuz kuma is center/lead)

  6. Fair. I don't like using this word since it is likely to cause confusion, and the discussion is likely to escalate as you pointed out.

    The poll is not important in the way that nothing depends on the results. Momo will not get more lines if she wins. So, it's not worth arguing about. I am also in no position to tell you what to do with your blog (although some people like doing that).

    I think that a statement that you can get a second chance on voting during the last day if the number of votes doesn't meet a certain limit, would prevent any potential problems.

    The "Poll fraud" is of course a joke. I listen to the news too often, and as you probably imagine, poll fraud is a topic that comes up every other day :P

    Is it fair to say that the color of the chatbox doesn't really blend with the blog? ;)

  7. You'll have to excuse me.. I removed BOTH OF OUR COMMENTS (yes I did just say both) on accident... -____-
    (I'm blind... that's all I'll say about why I removed them, I'm blind..)

    Kishiko says:
    Something I noticed about the polls. Every time you reopen them, it is possible to vote twice without any effort.

    ForeverLove!~'s response to Kisiko:

    Yes, I know people can vote a 2nd time when I reopen the poll, what exactly is wrong with people voting twice, Kishiko?? It gives the members more votes (especially for members who just don't have a lot of fans, and don't get votes), and if you're gonna respond back with it NOT BEING "fair" (you said something like that to Cuttie) than you should know that most polls never are... Momoko, Miyabi, and Risako have a lot more fans than probably like half of the Berryz members, so in some ways... It's NOT FAIR to put them in a poll together... Same goes to C-ute's Airi, Maimi, and Chisato (who has a HUGE foreign fanbase).

    If you'd like though... I'll stop letting people do that... :P

  8. Well, the good thing is - the chatbox isn't yellow anymore. And no, that's not me posting there, in case someone wondered :D

  9. ^
    I thought it was Kylon, but he's not online... Wonder who it is?? O.O